The Unequal Pandemic: Covid 19 and Health Inequalities

It has been claimed that we are ‘all in it together’ and that the COVID-19 virus ‘does not discriminate’. This accessible, yet authoritative book dispels this myth of COVID-19 as an ‘equal opportunity’ disease, by showing how the pandemic is a syndemic of disease and inequality. Drawing on international data and accounts, it argues that the pandemic is unequal in three ways: it has killed unequally, been experienced unequally and will impoverish unequally. These inequalities are a political choice: with governments effectively choosing who lives and who dies, we need to learn from COVID-19 quickly to prevent growing inequality and to reduce health inequalities in the future. COVID-19 is an unequal pandemic. The Unequal Pandemic was rated as a top 10 book about the COVID-19 pandemic by New Statesman, and awarded the Richard Titmuss Best Book award by the UK Social Policy Association. 

the unequal pandemic
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