Alex Weisiger


Associate ProfessorDirector of Graduate Studies


Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics, Room 305

Alex Weisiger, Ph.D. Columbia University, 2008, studies international politics, focusing in particular on political decisions relating to the use of force. His book, Logics of War: Explanations for Limited and Unlimited Conflicts, explores the sources of variation in the destructiveness of wars between countries. In other work, he examines the phenomenon of regional systems of war, the relevance of systemic variables for the democratic peace, and the role of reputation in international politics. He has held fellowships at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and the Olin Institute for Strategic Studies at Harvard University.

His teaching interests include the causes of war and peace, war termination and peacebuilding after conflict, international relations theory, and game theory.

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Office Hours: Thursdays 10AM-12PM