Lotem Halevy


Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Politics


I study democratization and nationalism in Central Europe from a historical perspective. My research aims to understand the intertwined origins of nationalism and democracy by bridging top-down and bottom-up explanations for regime change. Currently, I am an Independent Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cluster of Excellence, The Politics of Inequality, at the University of Konstanz. I defended my PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in September 2023. In the 2022-2023 academic year, I held the position of Queen Elizabeth Scholar at the University of Oxford, Department of Politics and International Relations, and St. Catherine's College. I was a visiting PhD student at LSE's European Institute.  I am currently working on my book project, Who Gets to Play? Enfranchisement and Party System Consolidation in Central Eastern Europe and several working papers on the methodology of mixed-method historical research in the social sciences. To learn more, please visit my website at: www.lotemhalevy.com

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