Christian "Chris" Chambers

Senior Fellow in Political Science



Chris Chambers is a political theorist with research and teaching interests in the history of political thought and political economy; twentieth-century Continental philosophy (especially existentialism, phenomenology, and critical theory); Black political thought; and representations of philosophy and politics in literature and film. In Fall 2024, he will be an Assistant Professor of Political Science. He is currently working on two book projects. The first, Specters of Degradation: Poverty and Uplift in Modern Political Thought, examines how claims about the dehumanization of the poor have paradoxically animated while limiting conservative, liberal, and radical perspectives on redressing poverty. The second, tentatively entitled “Alas, Poor Richard!”: Essays on Existentialism, Marxism, and Freedom, explores the writings and biographical encounters of Richard Wright to reevaluate post-War attempts to imagine freedom and agency between existentialism and Marxism. His writing can be found in venues such as Tocqueville21 and Philosophy in Review.

Chris obtained bachelor’s degrees in philosophy and political science from the University of Central Florida. He holds an MA in political science from the University of Chicago and a PhD in political science from Yale University.