Gino Pauselli

Ph.D. Student in International Relations

I'm a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in International Relations. I received my B.A. from the University of San Andres (Argentina) in 2011, and my M.A. in International Studies from Torcuato Di Tella University, with a focus on International Politics and Security.

Generally, I'm interested in the study of human rights promotion and the politics of foreign aid. Every country, developed and developing, faces constrains on the allocation of their economic and political resources. However, many countries opt to allocate resources in the promotion of human rights and well-being on non-citizens that are located outside their borders. My work attemps to study why this is the case, the different tools countries use to promote human rights, and the factors that drive actors to weight-down the respect of sovereignty in favor of human rights promotion.

Currently, most of my research focuses on human rights foreign policy of developing countries, individuals preferences for human rights promotion and the respect of sovereignty, and the politics of support and naming and shaming in the Universal Periodic Review.

Methodologically, most of my research relies on statistical methods for causal inference and text analysis.

Before coming to Penn, I worked in a consulting firm in Buenos Aires on applied research on foreign aid and human rights, in the MERCOSUR Institute of Public Policy on Human Rights, and in the Argentine Council for International Relations, a top Latin American think-tank on foreign policy and international relations. Also, I conducted research on foreign policy in Latin America and TA in the course 'Theories of International Relations' at the University of San Andres.